New York City Photography Workshops

Long-Exposure Photography Workshops

Long-exposure photography in and around New York City always makes for compelling results. By combining water, with the evening and night backdrops of the glowing metropolis, attendees walk away with a new sense of adoration and enchantment for the city, as well exceptional images.

New York City Street Photography Workshops

Love being in the middle of the action? Making images on the fly, and catching NYC as you move through it? Then one of the fast-paced street photography workshops is for you. Held in different neighborhoods throughout the city, learning to create great images of people is critical to the development of any photographer.

Night Photography

Since it's renovation two decades ago, Grand Central Terminal has become the bustling hub of New York City. While it is considered a tourist attraction, New Yorkers and commuters alike utilize it on a daily basis, making its constant buzz the perfect location for both street and architectural photography.


Grand Central Terminal Workshop

Thursday April 26, 2018
6 p.m.
2 1/2 hours

Since its renovation, the beloved icon that is Grand Central Terminal has only grown in popularity. Yet, while often a tourist attraction, the terminal is well used by New Yorkers and commuters alike, making its unseen nooks a compelling backdrop for both street, and architectural imaging.

Capturing the heart of New York City is what this workshop is all about.

For details, required gear, and to make a reservation, click over to the workshop's Eventbrite page.

Roosevelt Island

Friday April 27, 2018
6 p.m.
3 hours

Because of Roosevelt Island's close proximity to Manhattan, unique shots of Midtown, including the Chrysler and Empire State buildings are possible, as well as images of the 59th Street Bridge, and the iconic Pepsi sign in Queens.

As this workshop takes place during the evening, the creation of stunning images is highly likely.

For details, required gear, and to make a reservation, click over to the workshop's Eventbrite page.

New York City Hell's KitchenPhoto Walk

6 p.m.
2 1/2 hours

New York City buzzes with activity. Sun, or clouds, rain or snow, people are always on the move in our city that never sleeps. And it's this ceaseless hum that offers street photographers a wonder of possibilities. During these photo walks we explore the creation of images that are memorable and unique.

If you've been wanting to explore NYC with your camera, these walks are for you.

For details, required gear, and to make a reservation, click over to the workshop's Eventbrite page.

Customer Reviews


I had the pleasure of attending The Tarrytown Lighthouse Long Exposure Workshop with Preston and it was excellent! I consider myself a serious enthusiast photographer, but I don’t have much experience with landscapes and long exposures. Preston filled in all of the gaps for me; his teaching style and encouraging words were perfect. He spent equal time with each of us, and gave us great tips on exposure, composition, equipment and lighting. I’d highly recommend one of Preston’s workshops if you’re looking for a great learning experience. I’m looking forward to joining him for another workshop in the future.
Frank Ballatore
Danbury, Connecticut
It was uncertain whether the evening light was going to cooperate and I had forgotten my cable release. Still, Preston was determined that I walk away with some great images of the NYC skyline from Roosevelt Island. He knew the perfect location and the time for the sunset and city lights so all I had to do was wait and shoot. As we waited, he helped me experiment to find that perfect setting and composition. He easily shares his passion and knowledge with his students. I recommend his workshop for any photographer--beginner to advanced.

Laurie Allred
Los Angeles, california


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