blue_manhattan-1Are you ready to take your photography to the next level?  Do you want to move past boring shots everyone has seen and create work that takes people’s breath away?

The path to great photography is not owning the next over-hyped lens, or new camera body that’s about to drop. It’s realized through education and practice. Learning the techniques and how to employ them is what will make your photography unforgettable. And yet, just a few hours of learning is far less expensive than that new piece of equipment…

Attend one of my workshops, and your photography will go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here is What Attendees Are Saying…

“It was uncertain whether the evening light was going to cooperate and I had forgotten my cable release. Still, Preston was determined that I walk away with some great images of the NYC skyline from Roosevelt Island. He knew the perfect location and the time for the sunset and city lights so all I had to do was wait and shoot. As we waited, he helped me experiment to find that perfect setting and composition. He easily shares his passion and knowledge with his students. I recommend his workshop for any photographer–beginner to advanced.”

– Laurie A. from California



“Big thanks to Preston for providing access and information to make my long exposure photography better. Although I’ve had experience shooting LE’s before, the real value of the workshop was in the little tips that Preston gave, which helped to make small improvements with big results.”   David Francis, Brooklyn, NY. ​ (Image by workshop attendee David Francis)
“Preston asked me for a quote he could use on his website after I attended one of his classes.  I was happy to send this to him: I wanted to learn how to shoot long exposure photographs, and decided attended the Roosevelt Island workshop. Well, not only did I get some great shots of the city, I learned a lot about my camera that I just could not get by reading the manual. It was a terrific experience and Preston is a great teacher.  He spent time with each person, and for less than $100, it was well worth the time from my busy schedule.”

– Cliff R. from Long Island

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The next workshop will be the Compo Beach Long-Exposure workshop. Time/Date TBA.

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