Tocks Island and Delaware River Images on Display at Two Galleries

VanCampen property along the Delaware River (Accessed with permission.) ©
VanCampen property along the Delaware River (Accessed with permission.) ©

In December MilfordNow published, Tocks Island 50 Years Later: For Some the Memory is Still Painful. The article, written by Edgar Brannon, shared imagery of the region that is now part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, but in the 1960s and 1970s was the center of what became a nationwide controversy over the proposed construction of a dam that would flood the valley south of Milford, Pennsylvania, creating a lake 40 miles in circumference.

Most of the residences and towns in the affected area were cleared out by the government in what was called, “condemnation.” Families that had been in the valley for generations were, at times, removed by armed men, and to this day bitterness remains over the doomed project.

Though the dam was never built and the project was shelved in the 1970s, most of the homes were destroyed. Some were demolished by the government, some fell victim to arson, yet some survived.

The Images

During the preparation for the article, MilfordNow made over 700 photographs of the region, including images of the Delaware River, old barns, farms, and homesteads that remain.

Several of these images, portrayed in a haunting black and white theme, will be on display and available for purchase at two gallery openings this Saturday, and will continue to show throughout the spring.


Several images will soon be available at The Artisan  Exchange located at 219 Broad Street in Milford, Pa.

Manhattan Show

The images are also set to be shown at a Manhattan gallery in the autumn.


Images Framed and Showing at:

The Milford Craft Show
102 East Harford Street
Milford, Pennsylvania 18337
(570) 296-5662

UpFront Exhibition Space
31 Jersey Avenue
Port Jervis, New York 12771
(845) 754-5000

Purchase Online

To view and purchase images online, click HERE