Tarrytown Lighthouse Long-Exposure Photography Workshop



When: TBA
Where: Tarrytown Lighthouse
Meeting Place: Kingsland Point Country Park (rear of parking lot)
Attendees: 6 maximum
Duration: 1.5 hours
Admission: $90

Equipment Required

•Wide Angle Lens or Wide Angle Zoom Lens
•ND Filter (between 6 – 10 stop)
•Cable Release
•Walking Shoes (there will be some light walking)
•Warm Clothing: Hat, gloves, scarf, winter coat, boots

What Attendees Are Saying

Image by Workshop attendee Frank Ballatore
Image by Workshop attendee Frank Ballatore
“I had the pleasure of attending The Tarrytown Lighthouse Long Exposure Workshop with Preston and it was excellent! I consider myself a serious enthusiast photographer, but I don’t have much experience with landscapes and long exposures. Preston filled in all of the gaps for me; his teaching style and encouraging words were perfect. He spent equal time with each of us, and gave us great tips on exposure, composition, equipment and lighting. I’d highly recommend one of Preston’s workshops if you’re looking for a great learning experience. I’m looking forward to joining him for another workshop in the future.”

-Frank Ballatore
Westchester County, NY


The Tarrytown Lighthouse’s unique position provides a fantastic opportunity for photographing sunsets, water and an iconic structure all at one time. When long-exposure methods are applied, he resulting images offer the powerful framing of the lighthouse, bathed in exploding colors, surrounded by the smoothness of the Hudson River.

This is a great workshop for beginners who are seeking their first instruction in long-exposure photography. Yet, the chances of walking away with several powerful images is very high. We will spend time on the creation of compositions, as well as experimentation with various exposure lengths, all to enhance both a heightened comfort level with the medium, as well as the camera itself.

Often participants walk away feeling not only educated about long-exposure photography, but much more familiar with their cameras and their manipulation.