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Preston Ehrler Photography: Catching up with Everything

Preston Ehrler PhotographyIt’s been a while since my last post. No question the time has gotten away from me, but I have been swamped with launching two new online platforms at work, as well as losing a close loved one who was stricken with terminal cancer.

That said, it’s time to catch-up and get back to what we love: photography!

Here’s what’s going on…

Show at Upfront Gallery Opens This Saturday, May 20

The Upfront Gallery and Exhibition Space in Port Jervis, NY is hosting its annual spring opening this Saturday. At the exhibit, I will be showing several images of my recent coverage of President Trump’s trip to the aircraft carrier the USS Intrepid, where he met with the prime minister of Australia to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea. The trip marked Trump’s first visit to New York City since he became president.

Across the street from the Intrepid hundreds of protesters had gathered to voice their opposition to many of the president’s policies, as well as the House of Representatives’ repeal of The Affordable Care Act, that had taken place earlier in the day. A smattering of Trump supporters were also on hand, though they were often drowned out by the angry crowd.


Upfront Gallery and Exhibition Space Spring Opening
Saturday, May 20, 2017
6 p.m. – 9 p.m
31 Jersey Avenue
Port Jervis, NY 12771

What Else is on Tap?

Moving forward, several items are currently in development, including:

Brooklyn Long Exposure Workshop

A new “Brooklyn Long-Exposure, Night Workshop” that will take attendees to three specific shooting positions, allowing for spectacular images of lower-Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan Bridge. The first workshop will be held in June or July.

Shooting NYC Streets at Night Workshop

A “New York City Streets at Night” walk/workshop is also on tap, and will include stops in a number of major New York City locations, as well as several less-known locations, all allowing for unique shooting opportunities throughout the city that never sleeps. I may be able to rally a friend who is a professional photographer, and avid street shooter to join us.

Coney Island at Night Workshop

One of my absolute favorite places to shoot street is Coney Island, and I’m working on a “Coney Island at Night” workshop. Attendees will ride the subway from Manhattan at dusk to the famous boardwalk arcade and amusement park, where we will experience one of the best and most unique locations for street shooting in the world. Look for this in July and August.

Governor’s Island Workshop

Summer in New York City means access to Governor’s Island, and several close-proximity locations to shoot lower-Manhattan and the New York City Harbor. Look for this workshop in July. A trip to Governor’s Island via the NYC Ferry is a unique experience and a summertime must!

More Video

I will be shooting more videos discussing several aspects of photography, including continued deep-dives into editing of long-exposure images in Lightroom. Coming topics will also include photography exhibitions in New York City, and a first look at the image editing software Capture One.

Facebook and Instagram

Finally, instead of posting images to my personal Facebook page, I’ll be focused on posting more images to my professional page, and my Instagram page. Be sure and catch-up with me there.


Stay with me…there is so much more to come!