The Mighty Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Long-Exposure Photography Workshop


When: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: The Manhattan Bridge and The Brooklyn Bridge
Meeting Place: Peck Slip at South Street (Manhattan)
Duration: 3 hours
Attendees: 6 maximum
Admission: $125

Equipment Required

Wide Angle Lens or Wide Angle Zoom Lens
ND Filter (between 6 – 10 stop)
Cable Release
Walking Shoes (there will be some light walking)


One of the most beloved outings, the Mighty Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge workshop offers long-exposure imaging of these magnificent structures. Considerable time will be spent on compositions that include both bridges, spans, pillars, pilings and the East River.

Attendees also are encouraged to create compositions that include parts of Manhattan, as seen down-river, looking south toward the Brooklyn Bridge. Work from adjacent and directly under both bridges is also emphasized, and often offers stunning rewards.

Due the the unique location of the walkway along South Street between the two bridges, unique opportunities for street photography are likely.