I am both a journalist and photojournalist. Combining both mediums, I have told hundreds of unique stories with perspectives that have ranged from hyper-local issues, to regional articles, including work with the New York Times, to national stories such as the Eric Frein manhunt, where I was one of the few reporters on the ground during the shelter-in-place.

Trump and Onions

Recently, I developed an article that was considered for publication by both the Metro and Politics pages of The New York Times. The story highlighted a “Black Dirt” region onion farmer in Pine Island, NY who was a passionate Donald Trump supporter, though he employed 15 Mexican laborers, who he said were critical to the ongoing profitable operation of his farm.

Though The New York Times ultimately decided not to run the article, Straus News published it to rave reviews in its Warwick, New York newspaper.

I was responsible for all aspect of the story, including development, written content and all photography for the article.