Compo Beach Long-Exposure Workshop


When: TBA
Time: TBA
Where: Compo Beach, Westport Connecticut
Meeting Place: Compo Beach Parking Lot
Duration: Approx 2 – 2 1/2 hours
Attendees: 4 maximum
Admission: $150

Equipment Required-Please Ensure You Have Required Equipment

DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
Wide Angle Lens or Wide Angle Zoom Lens
Neutral Density (ND) Filter (between 6 – 10 stop)
Cable Release
Winter boots (there will be some light walking)
Warm clothing, winter jacket, hat, gloves


My Compo Beach Long-Exposure Workshop is designed around photographing water and sunrise, and all the possibilities that ensue.  By employing long-exposure techniques with interesting foreground elements, such as the jetty, we will create both vivid color images, as well as sublime black and white photographs that will amaze, and be suitable for framing and presentation.

Attend my upcoming workshop and we will work from several positions that will enable the creation of images that will stun you, and take your photography to a new level.

Because of the time of day, and specific shooting positions, this workshop is limited to three people.  

Some parts of the workshop are still in development, and a date and time will be announced soon.