Manhattan From Roosevelt Island Long-Exposure Photography Workshop



When: TBD
Time: TBD
Where: Roosevelt Island
Meeting Place: Roosevelt Island Tramway, Roosevelt Island
Duration: 2 hours
Attendees: 6 maximum

Equipment Required

Wide Angle Lens or Wide Angle Zoom Lens
ND Filter (between 6 – 10 stop)
Cable Release
Walking Shoes (there will be some light walking)
Warm clothing, winter jacket, hat, gloves


During the warmer months a photography workshop that includes both photographing the Manhattan skyline and the iconic Pepsi sign in Queens from Roosevelt Island is problematic. If you’re at Four Freedoms Park before it closes, it’s too light for optimal imaging conditions. Unfortunately, if you’re there at the right time for imaging, the park is closed and any chance for a good vantage point is not possible.

At this time of year, that all changes. It’s darker earlier, and shooting both the Pepsi sign from an un-obscured position, as well a glowing blue-hour Manhattan is indeed possible.

Attend my upcoming workshop and we will work from several positions that will enable the creation of images that will stun you, and take your photography to a new level.

What the Attendees are Saying

Image by workshop attendee Cecile Lafforgue

Image by workshop attendee Cecile Lafforgue

“It was the first time I tried long exposure photography during day time. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone that is looking to improve their photography skills: Preston gave me great insights and tips throughout the entire time of the workshop. I usually hang out by myself when shooting outdoors and don’t always have the patience to wait at the same spot. This was the perfect occasion to experiment and really play with the late afternoon light in Roosevelt Island.”

Cecile Lafforgue

mark_funk_1200“I consider myself an advanced hobbyist photographer. I try to learn new techniques to expand my creativity, but I find I often fall back into the same rut. I needed to kick things up a notch, and I saw a suggested post appear in my Facebook feed about a long exposure workshop that was just a mile from where I live. I quickly checked the website of the teacher, Preston Ehrler, and decided he was the real deal. I’m glad I took a chance. Preston was determined that each of us would come away with images we would be proud of, and we did. You can’t beat that.”

Mark Funk