I’m Giving Away Free Photo Shoots…Here’s Why

Last week I wrote a post about being moved by the response I received when I emailed an image to the subject of a street photograph.  The reaction inspired me to do more with my work than simply charge for it.  The reaction made me understand how powerful photography can be, and how important it sometimes is.

In this video, I’ll explain more and talk about the image, how it came to be, and why I’m making this offer…

Do you have an inspiring story, and need a professional photographer. If so, just fill out the form below, and let’s connect.


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  1. Marie Liu December 13, 2016 at 11:41 pm #

    Battle of Raymondskill 1780. Historical account of skirmish between Lenape Indians and local militia, gives landmarks and interesting details, names. Currently looking for those landmarks. Added input from local renowned Indian researcher Frank Salvati. We could explore together.
    Let me know if this interests you enough to take on.

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